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Mice & Rats Treatment & Preventative:

Few pests make your home feel as invaded and infested as mice and rats. The worst part is that mice and rats love everything about your home that you do – warm shelter, good food, and plenty of water – and they feel entitled to it. When they find these creature comforts in your home, they make themselves at home. Worst yet, they start breeding.

When our techs inspect your home, they’ll look for obvious signs of mice and rats such as droppings and scratches, gnaw marks, and holes in walls and cabinets. Mice are elusive, too, and can squeeze through tiny spaces to enter your home and to hide in it. When they invade your territory, they bring fleas, mites, ticks, and an entire host of diseases. 

Mice and rats are shrewd and cunning, but they’re no match for our expertly trained, industry-leading techs. We’ll get them out of your home and keep them out so you and your family can enjoy the clean, sanitized home and hard-earned peace of mind you deserve.

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