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What We Do:

Residential Services

Home is your refuge — where you escape the outside world after a long day. It’s no place for pests, or chemicals. Which is why Xtreme Exterminators will explore every option to treat your home, with EPA-approved, plant oil-based pesticides. All products and methods implemented by Xtreme Exterminators are free of harsh chemicals, thus ensuring that your health, and the health of your family, is not compromised.

It’s an approach we consistently apply as part of our residential services — from single- and multi-family residences, houses, apartments, co-ops and condos, to services and support for property managers, boards, associations and senior care facilities — including assisted living, managed care and nursing homes.

Commercial Services

Discretion defines us, and all our services. This becomes critical when treating pest issues in commercial environments, where retailers have a reputation to uphold, and issues like a bedbug or rodent sighting can undermine business for a prolonged period.

Xtreme Exterminators is sensitive to this concern and develops strategies to combat and avert pest issues in several commercial settings, directed by our technicians, who have real-world experience and deep knowledge of all infestation scenarios.

In all cases, inspections and preventative measures are crucial to safeguarding the property, and early detection is essential to minimizing and solving the infestation.

How We Do It:


Our techs thoroughly inspect your home and determine where they’re hiding, feeding, and breeding in your home.


Our techs scrupulously follow the trail of pests to identify and determine the level of invasion your home is experiencing and the optimal treatment for getting rid of them.


Our techs educate you on a complete treatment plan and explain every step along the way to ridding your home of pests and their eggs and giving it back to you and your family.


Pest control is about more than getting pests out of your home. It’s about keeping your family safe, protected, and comfortable. That’s where Xtreme Exterminators comes in. Our only goals are happy clients in pest-free homes. When you put your pest control in our hands, you get protection and peace of mind for your entire family.

We hire only the highest-trained techs who can quickly assess your pest situation with a complete set of tools that leave no stone unturned. Our team will go the extra mile to inspect every room in your home including the room with the most visible pest problem and every room that adjoins it.

Pests might run and hide from you, but they won’t escape our scrutiny. We even track down fast-moving bedbugs and other pests that scurry through your home. You want your home back and we’ll make sure you get it with a front door to back door inspection that roots out pests and sends them packing.​

Our Services:


 Bed Bug Treatment & Preventative

Bed bugs are making a strong comeback in the United States and have become a real-life nightmare for many people. One of the serious problems with bed bugs is that they multiply rapidly. The longer you wait, the more there will be!  Bed bugs survive off the blood from humans and animals. Although bed bugs are not known to transmit disease, their mere presence is extremely disturbing for many people.  Bed bug bites can cause irritation, redness, severe rashes, and can leave blood spots on your sheets.  Bed Bugs in Oklahoma are found in hotels, homes, and apartments. They are readily transferred throughout our community through clothing, used furniture, luggage, backpacks, and a myriad of other ways.

However, they invaded your space, you want them gone. And you’ve come to the right place. Xtreme Exterminators is the premier bed bugs pest control company. Not all bed bug services are created equally. We go above and beyond to offer a thorough service that is not only extremely effective, but more affordable than many of our competitors.  With bed bugs, we leave nothing to chance, so we treat every possible hiding place with EPA approved bed bug products that work. We work with you in a joint effort to eliminate these pesky critters. This begins with the initial inspection then continues as we formulate and carry out a control program, and it doesn’t end until you are bed bug free!

Question:  How do I know if I have bed bugs?


Answer:  Bed bugs are nocturnal and prefer to stay close to where you rest or sleep. If you notice bites on your skin when you wake up, bed bugs could be responsible. Look for other signs like blood spots on your sheets. Pull up your sheets and check your mattress to see if you can find any bugs or eggs. Look at the seams of your mattress for black spots and stains-this could be bed bug feces.  Check throughout the room for living bugs, their eggs, or their molted skin. Do a quick internet search for bed bug images to help you determine if anything you found is a bed bug. Adult bed bugs are easy to identify. They are not extremely small like fleas. If you have any doubt, call us for a free inspection. We can help ascertain the presence of a bed bug infestation, and we can give you a free estimate for treatment.


Bee & Wasp Control

Wasps are an important part of our ecosystem because they’re one of nature’s greatest pollinators. They do a necessary, meaningful job in the great out of doors, but that doesn’t mean you want them in or around your home. When wasps set up nests in your lawn or garden or on your porch or deck where your children play and your family enjoys cookouts, you’re at risk of being stung or of suffering from a severe allergic reaction.

If you’ve ever felt a wasp sting, you know exactly how painful and unwelcome it is. When they take over your home and garden, they feel entitled to your space and usually sting because they feel threatened. Let our techs get rid of wasps and their threat to your home and safety because no pest should turn your home into their home.

Our techs are experts who will hunt for wasps and signs of wasps in and around your home including lawns, gardens, decks, porches, roofs, and eaves. They might hide from you until they sting you, but they won’t hide from us. We pack industry-leading tools that let us put the sting on wasps and give control of your home, porch, lawn, garden, and yard back to your family.

We Guarantee The Best Wasp Control Service In Green Country and surrounding communities


Cockroach Control

Raiding the pantry and invading restrooms for centuries, cockroaches are some of the most common and nasty insects around. Roaches shed skins and body parts, release smells, and can cause respiratory problems.  Cockroaches are nocturnal insects that gather in groups as much as possible. So, if you happen to spot one roach, there’s probably more around.  Xtreme Exterminators is here to help you eliminate all the bugs in your home. Roaches, ants, spiders and all other bugs are no match for us. We 100% guarantee you’ll be bug free. Call today!

A clean home doesn’t solve a roach problem.  Roaches have often been associated with poor housekeeping, but even the cleanest home could have a roach problem.  In fact, a roach can live off the oil from one fingerprint for a week! Do you really think you can maintain a home with zero fingerprints? 

Is there a roach control solution?
The good news is, if treated properly, a professional can get rid of roaches inside your home, and quickly. Plus, our roach control solution doesn’t end with just getting rid of roaches inside your home but extends to protecting the outside of home in a way that prevents cockroaches from infesting your home. There is a real roach control solution, and we can help.


Flea Control

Fleas are without question, some of the worst pests to have bar none. They are also some of the most common. They can turn a comfortable home into an itch zone and spread like an epidemic from just a few to a few hundred thousand. They can colonize one room or an entire house. And if you're going out for a walk, ride or to visit friends or family, they just may go with you and set up another base camp someplace else.

Like ticks and bed bugs, fleas are parasites living off their host's blood supply for the express purpose of eating and breeding. While they are at it, they can also cause you a great deal of discomfort, pain and other serious health risks through the diseases they can spread. Despite their tiny size, these pests are true heavyweights and should not be taken lightly. We offer clean, healthy, fast and complete solutions to help you rid your house and your life of these nasty little creature

We cannot stress this enough. Fleas need to be eradicated from your home quickly because the discomfort and genuine health risks they cause can be significant. We use a dedicated two-step process designed to kill fleas FAST. First, we treat and eliminate the adults, the active ones biting you and itching you right now! Next, we eliminate the eggs guaranteeing that your home is free from fleas of all stages. To learn more, contact Xtreme Exterminators today.


Mosquito Control

Itching to get rid of Mosquitoes?
We’ve all heard the news about the Zika Virus, West Nile, Dengue Fever and other diseases carried by mosquitoes. But did you know mosquitoes are responsible for more deaths than any other animal?  They are also harmful to our pets, livestock and other animals. Take back your yard, protect your family and pets while enjoying the summer
with our mosquito service!


Scratching your head trying to figure out how to get rid of those pesky mosquitoes? Look no further, Xtreme Exterminators Mosquito Service provides a thorough application and spray to the yard, trees, bushes, and shrubs. There is no longer a need to buy skin drying sprays, greasy itch creams, or expensive candles to get relief from mosquitoes. Enjoy spending time in the back yard without the worry of being bitten by those harmful and irritating creatures. Each treatment will provide 3-4 weeks of relief to allow an enjoyable comfortable living environment for family, friends and pets during the peak mosquito season!


Spider Control

Aside from their quiet crawling around your home, spiders leave behind spider webs and cobwebs that make your home a health and safety hazard. Because spider webs and cobwebs are so thin, they might escape your notice until you walk into them. Avoid the aggravation of getting tangled in spider webs and the frustration of getting cobwebs out of your hair with effective pest control that works.

Our industry-leading techs will identify the type of spider you’re fighting and locate their nests and food sources. Spiders like to hang out in your home and basement, and in outbuildings like sheds and garages. Don’t worry – no matter where they take root, we root them out. 

If the glint of sunlight or bright light in your home exposes a spider web of any size, call the best pest control techs in the business at Xtreme  Exterminators. When spiders invade your home, they can settle in for a long stay and bring other spiders along for the ride. In fact, their webs attract other spiders. Not when we’re on the job. Contact us today for the best local spider control service in and around town. 

We Guarantee The Best Spider Control Service In And Around Green Country


Ant Control

Most people think of ants as an annoying picnic presence. When ants get into your home, though, they can be much more than merely annoying. Ants can emit a distinctive foul, musky odor that makes your home uncomfortable for you and your family. They love kitchens, bathrooms, and basements where they find valuable water sources and breed entire colonies.

Not when Xtreme Exterminators show up. Our experienced techs know just how to scout out ants, destroy their nests, and eradicate their colonies to restore your home to its former ant-free presence. Because they’ll eat just about anything you eat, ants treat your home like their personal kitchen and tend to settle in for a long stay.

We’ll quickly and thoroughly get ants out of wood piles, water pipes, and every crack and crevice of your home. Then, we’ll establish an effective barrier that keeps your home free of ants and their droppings. Turn your home over to us so we can turn it back over to you by eliminating ants, their babies, and their colonies.

We Guarantee The Best Ant Control Service In And Around The Greater Green Country Community.


Mice & Rat Control

Few pests make your home feel as invaded and infested as mice and rats. The worst part is that mice and rats love everything about your home that you do – warm shelter, good food, and plenty of water – and they feel entitled to it. When they find these creature comforts in your home, they make themselves at home. Worst yet, they start breeding.

When our techs inspect your home, they’ll look for obvious signs of mice and rats such as droppings and scratches, gnaw marks, and holes in walls and cabinets. Mice are elusive, too, and can squeeze through tiny spaces to enter your home and to hide in it. When they invade your territory, they bring fleas, mites, ticks, and an entire host of diseases. 

Mice and rats are shrewd and cunning, but they’re no match for our expertly trained, industry-leading techs. We’ll get them out of your home and keep them out so you and your family can enjoy the clean, sanitized home and hard-earned peace of mind you deserve.


Termite photo

In Oklahoma, we have what are called subterranean termites. Subterranean means that they travel underground.  Because of this, they can enter the home undetected (even you can’t catch them, Ring doorbell!) and feast on the structure of the home for years, even decades before any evidence is shown.  


Evidence of termites consists of seeing live termites, termite tubes, termite frass (poop!), or damaged wood.  Besides live termites, an untrained eye is unlikely to detect evidence.


There Are 3 Kinds of Subterranean Termites:

​• Soldiers: protect the colony from invaders

Workers: forage for food

Swarmers: go start new colonies; swarming season is normally during April and May

How We Treat:

Complete Liquid Treatment:

In the areas where there is soil right up against the home, we dig a trench 6 inches deep along the house.  In concrete areas such as porches and driveways, we drill into the concrete every 12 inches along the perimeter of the home.  


Once the trenches are dug and the holes drilled, we saturate the soil with termiticide.  After applying the termiticide, we refill the trenches with the soil we’d removed. We also put plugs in the holes in the concrete and patch them with concrete.


We offer a termite renewal which, if kept up by the customer, acts like a warranty against future termite treatments.  If the annual renewal is kept current and the customer gets termites again, we come back out and treat for free. This is optional.  If someone chooses not to renew, we don’t come dig up the soil we treated.

Spot Liquid Treatment:

We use the same methods above and treat a minimum of 3 feet on either side of the termite activity. Additionally, we drill into the brick veneer every 16 inches and foam the walls with Termidor.

Spot treatments do not have any renewals or guarantees.

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