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The best solution is the one that lasts, gets to the root of a problem and prevents recurrence. That’s why every team member of Xtreme Exterminators, whatever their individual expertise, is first and foremost a listener. Discovering each individual client’s issues and needs means we can fully assess the problem, then diagnose it in detail before applying our diverse skills and technologies to create a customized, effective and lasting solution. One that addresses not only the symptoms, but the cause.

The Xtreme process combines a forensic investigative precision with extensive experience and understanding of just how disruptive and inconvenient pest outbreaks can be on an environment, be it residential, corporate or commercial. Our process provides answers and pest treatments that are environmentally safe and sustainable long-term.  Wherever possible, we limit the use of harmful chemicals in favor of more environmentally sensitive methods.

Xtreme Exterminators consistently implements an EPA-approved Integrated Pest Management (“IPM”) program, which considers all possible pest control techniques to manage existing and potential infestations, while minimizing the role of pesticides.  Proper sanitation and exclusion are naturally critical to IPM program.

Affordable Pricing:

A pest-free home might be priceless, but that doesn’t mean it has to cost a small fortune. Our rates are competitive, affordable, and tailored to your home’s needs and your family’s budget.


Fast Service:

Take control immediately. Don’t live with pests in your home for even one more day. When you’re ready to take your home back, you don’t have to wait. Call us today for the fastest, most effective service in town.


Hassle Free Service:

Our tech won’t get in your way. In fact, they specialize in inspecting your home without inconveniencing anyone but the pests. Trust us – they’ll never even see us coming.

Home Inspection:

A Xtreme Exterminator home inspection is anything but routine. We inspect every inch of your home from the front door to the back door because pests might hide from you, but they cannot hide from us.

Xtreme Exterminators pest control

We offer Commercial and Residential Pest Control Services throughout the Tulsa surrounding area.  Here are the services we provide:

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